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  • Have hearted gift box
  • 心意慕斯中秋礼盒
  • 月亮一直都是表达情感的信物,借月亮表达心意,有心的中秋?心意礼盒
  • The moon has always been a token of emotion, expressing its intention by the moon, and having the heart of the Mid Autumn Festival....
  • ¥239.00
  • Caramel Cream cake
  • 累成狗*焦糖海盐奶油蛋糕
  • 巧克力慕斯小狗慵懒的趴在蛋糕上。而蛋糕是以甜味打底,手工熬制焦糖,加入地中海海盐,天然的咸与微苦的甜,让甜味更加深邃的奶油蛋糕。
  • The chocolate mousse dog is sluggish on the cake. The cake is made with sweet primer, crafted Caramel by hand, added to Mediterranean sea salt, natural salty an......
  • ¥199.00
  • Chocolates Dog Cake
  • 脏脏狗
  • 纯正的瑞士黑巧克力与法国淡奶融合微苦中带甜。4℃刚刚好,入口即化
  • The pure Swiss dark chocolate blend with the French mild milk is slightly bitter and sweet. 4 centigrade is just right....
  • ¥128.00
  • Liquided Mascapone Cake
  • 奶盖流心芝士蛋糕
  • 可以加热的芝士蛋糕,加热爆浆后的蓝莓和温热流动的马斯卡彭融合,新鲜酸甜、轻甜醇香。更适合老人、小孩、孕妇、特殊时期女性食用
  • Heated cheesecake, heated fried blueberries and warm flowing mascarpone blend, fresh sweet and sour, light sweet mellow. It is more suitable for the elderly, ch......
  • ¥289.00
  • Lover、Cheese Cake
  • 情人.玫瑰芝士
  • 两个时空的芝士碰撞,就像不同的你们,对的人总会遇到,两人食也刚刚好
  • Two time and space cheese collisions, just like different people, you will always encounter two people....
  • ¥179.00
  • Teddy Cake
  • 汪来了
  • 百变造型治愈你的每一个烦恼,暖萌汪星人让你毫无招架之力。带有香草香甜的白巧克力慕斯,加入布朗尼丁的黑巧克力慕斯,对于巧克力重度嗜好者来说,像平行线邂逅爱情。
  • The multivariant style cure every trouble to you, let you warm adorable dog defenseless. White Chocolate Mousse with vanilla and sweet chocolate is added to Bro......
  • ¥329.00
  • Baymax Naked Cake
  • 大白裸蛋糕
  • 你的大白在找你! 相信我,就算有一天,我们不小心走散,我也会回来找你的。——大白
  • Your big white is looking for you.! Believe me, if one day, we do not carefully separated, I will come back for you. - large white...
  • ¥199.00
  • Mango Bear Cake
  • 小熊很芒
  • 萌到吐血的童真,和平单纯的甜蜜,他将是你的新宠——“小熊很芒”。拥有小台农芒的优良基因,吸取了大自然的精华,纯天然、无添加的芒果肉泥和大块果肉,咬下去汁多味美!
  • Adorable to vomit blood innocence, pure sweet peace, he will be your favorite -- \"the bear is very elongated\". Have excellent genes of small Muong Nong, absor......
  • ¥159.00
  • Strawberry layer cake
  • 草莓雪千层蛋糕
  • 改良配方,升级口感,用心之作,只为每一个千层蛋糕都带着光。来自天然牧场的奶源,牛奶和鸡蛋的黄金配比,蛋糕师纯手工制作
  • Improve the formula, upgrade the taste, work hard, only for every thousand layers of cake with light. A milk source from a natural ranch, a golden ratio of milk......
  • ¥239.00
  • Red Velvet Cake
  • 红丝绒蛋糕
  • 一见倾心的红丝绒蛋糕,红丝绒蛋糕,又名紅色天鵝絨蛋糕,是一种深红色或者红褐色的巧克力蛋糕,它是一种以奶油芝士或者巧克力和威士忌口味为衬托的传统蛋糕。
  • Red velvet cake love at first sight, red velvet cake, also known as the red velvet cake, is a kind of dark red or red brown chocolate cake, it is a kind of with......
  • ¥199
  • Flavor Cheese
  • 原味奶酪蛋糕
  • 虽然芝士蛋糕的来源说法不一,但大众普遍认为第一个芝士蛋糕是出现在古老时代的希腊,在公元前776年第一次奥林匹克竞赛上,提供给众多的参赛者食用的。原味奶酪蛋糕突出...
  • Although the source that cheese cake is not one, but the public generally that the first cheese cake is appeared in ancient Greek times, for the first time in 7......
  • ¥179
  • 意大利提拉米苏蛋糕
  • 没有马斯卡波尼芝士,就没有提拉米苏的意大利甜品神话。有人说,它是天堂的滋味;也有人说,它比爱情还要醉人。
  • If you are falling love with someone, as long as sending a piece of Tiramisu, that means your heart is handed over to your beloved and is ready to go everywhere......
  • ¥199
  • 抹茶乳酪蛋糕
  • 有日式蛋糕的风骨,清新抹茶和香浓奶酪的醇香。有绿茶的清高,也有如水般的平和;有自成一体的个性,也具有容乃大的精神。”
  • A flavor of Japanese style green tea cheese cake. It is the best choose for the people who is not like too much sweet....
  • ¥179
  • Passion
  • 百香蛋糕
  • 百香果,散发着165种水果香味,是世界上已知最芳香的水果之一。搭配慕斯蛋糕的最佳品尝温度4℃,越南百香果园直采新鲜果肉,回归食材本真,低温锁住新鲜和芳香。
  • Passion fruit, exudes 165 kinds of fruit flavor, is one of the worlds most known aromatic fruit. The best collocation Mousse Cake tasting temperature of 4 DEG C......
  • ¥179.00
  • Durian mango ice cream cake
  • 榴芒兔冰激凌蛋糕
  • 精选泰国金枕头榴莲肉,加入大颗粒台农芒,与100%牛乳冰激凌完美配比。重口味与小清新的激烈碰撞。
  • Select Thailand Golden Pillow durian meat, adding granular Tainung Mans, perfect and 100% milk ice cream mix. Heavy taste and small fresh intense collision....
  • ¥199.00
  • Fruits Opera
  • 幻城.歌剧院蛋糕
  • 幻城,冰与火的碰撞。绵密杏酱,热情百香果,娇艳火龙果,酥脆巧克力饼,多彩的夹心慕斯,水果的激情派对
  • The fantasy, collision, fire and ice. Dense apricot sauce, enthusiastic passion fruit, beautiful pitaya, crispy chocolate cake, colorful sandwich mousse, passio......
  • ¥269.00
  • The Royal Chocolate Cake
  • 皇家巧克力蛋糕
  • 它的味道是代表成功女性个性中的那种独有的细腻中又带点粗犷的性格。路易十五的情妇庞帕杜夫人早已感受到了。
  • It delivers the total Swiss royalty chocolate experience without compromising taste, which contains over 63% cocoa butter....
  • ¥199
  • 德式巧克力松露蛋糕
  • 巧克力松露是浪漫的法兰西一道经典的点心,不管是巧克力还是蛋糕,都因为外表酷似松露而闻名。
  • You will feel the special smooth which is made by the classic process.I am sure you will be greatly impressed....
  • ¥199
  • White Chocolate Truffle
  • 白巧克力松露蛋糕
  • 白巧克力松露蛋糕是对世界上所有巧克力迷的厚爱而制作的,它具有都灵巧克力的另一种风格和口味。Ganache是一种香浓的巧克力制品,是
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  • ¥179
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